St. Kitts
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Lisa and Justin were married on St. Kitts 3/2/01. Here are some of the photos from the weekend. 

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1.jpg (45303 bytes) The Island

2.jpg (54698 bytes) The Beach

3.jpg (133473 bytes) View from the Hotel

Untitled-4.jpg (77334 bytes) CSR - Portents of thing to come

Untitled-5.jpg (46071 bytes) The groom

Untitled-6.jpg (52806 bytes) The rendezvous

Untitled-7.jpg (91737 bytes) Enjoying the Sun...

Untitled-8.jpg (85181 bytes) ... while the monkeys watch

Untitled-9.jpg (80625 bytes) The Sip and Swim

Untitled-10.jpg (63173 bytes) The ceremony

Untitled-11.jpg (60904 bytes) Vows

Untitled-12.jpg (82281 bytes) We're married!

Untitled-13.jpg (60142 bytes) Congratulations

Untitled-14.jpg (74635 bytes) Posing for pictures

Untitled-15.jpg (94017 bytes) The photographers

Untitled-16.jpg (91639 bytes) Winding down