Flower Series
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Other Paintings

Blue Eyes (Oil, 30x30) is the first in a series of paintings where the eye symbol, found in most of my work, merges with a flower. I intend these to be metaphors for people.  The series continues with Flower Crowd (oil, 48x36), Giver of Life, Created in His Image (Oil, 54x36), Tentative (Oil, 54x36), Senseless Violence (Oil, 30x30), and Alone (Oil, 30x30).

BLUE EYES.JPG (29486 bytes)  FLOWER CROWD.JPG (48355 bytes) GIVER OF LIFE.JPG (35781 bytes) TENTATIVE.JPG (30295 bytes)Alone.jpg (28002 bytes) SENSELESS VIOLENCE.JPG (24058 bytes)